New Edition and Addition in house and family…

The feeling of driving your own car…!!!
I experienced that today… Though it is more like a gift from dad (just like everything else in my life is), yet the feeling is nothing lesser. Just looks like a small toy and a small baby in the family. Everyone would take extra care of it.
The decision of bringing home this baby was all unanimous, though after a lots of confusion between its sibling and a rival. The color choice was my better half’s though. And my poor dad was not happy after seeing the car LIVE before we finalised the color (well it was not our fault that he was staring at a different color than we were telling him to). But was overwhelmed when he saw the color at the time of delivery.
He has his own feelings… 40 years of job… Did nothing for himself… He has lived his life for us, the family. He is retiring next year and has now spent a good amount on this little baby. How selfless his love is… He would himself walk couple of miles just to save a small sum but would spend endless for our comfort… And how we treat our parents… (Just because we think it is generation gap). He has been carrying a small horn that he had bought on his one and only trip abroad to singapore some 26 years back, thinking that some day, he would be able to afford a car… But Lo, the horn can afford only 6V battery as against the 12V in the new baby. He was a little disappointed by not getting his share of stuff on the new baby.
There comes the Panditji. Looking at the way he performed the Vehicle Poojan today, we were just mesmerized because he has grown in his profession well. He is the same person who could not recite a single Aarti without looking at a book just less than a year back. Experience does make you perfect, sir…
The eyes in the neighbourhood keep peeping over their shoulders either from their kitchen or from inside their cars on the way back home. Few extended happiness and best wishes.
The world has shrunk, I realise… Happiness sharing has become more of an E-Event… with us using gadgets to just publically announce the arrival of a new vehicle and friends wish you electronically… Where have the days gone when we would gather together and say “saale, 20 hazar ka scooter le liya, aur 100 rupaye ki treat dene mein marta hai”. Miss those years when friends would drive down on the cycles to see the scooters or bikes and then beg for a ride… I remember my scooter being taken for a ride by friends and the associated feeling of fear in my mind at that time, “Kamino, papa ne dekh liya na haath nahi lagane denge scooter ko dobara, choro ise”…
Getting late now… Office in the morning… Sleep honey, sleep…
Welcome home, my Chevy-Spark and Ol d best to us….
Good Nyt Frenz….
Sleeping beauty on my left… MUUAAH to you… will u read this????
Missed you a lot today, honey… Helpless, though… you know, there are times when family HAS to be together. and at such times, when either is helpless, rest of us miss him/her and feel incomplete… Every moment, post today afternoon was just like that… waiting every moment for you…
Love you a lot…
Good Nytiii….

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